Deer Summit

Sunday – January 7 from 12-2.

Where deer hunting experts come to answer your questions, discuss tactics, share some stories and respectively debate some of today’s controversial deer hunting topics

The MC:

Jay Scott from Big Buck Registry


Jay Scott head curator of the Big Buck Registry Podcast… Deer Hunt by Big Buck Registry and BOSPN Media is one of the most highly rated, most downloaded and listened to deer hunting podcasts in the world. Millions of episodes are enjoyed by hunters every year. Hosted by Jay Scott, co-hosted by Dusty Phillips, and Deer News by Jim Keller, each new episode focuses on sharing deer hunting news, stories and strategies – direct from guys and gals who live and breath the deer hunting lifestyle. We share interviews from expert whitetail hunting guests like the Drurys, Dan Infalt, Adam Hays, John Eberhart, Barry Wensel, Roger Raglin, Michael Waddell, Gordon Whittington, Lane Benoit, and Hal Blood. We also share interviews with amazing deer hunters of which you’ve never heard. We learn from everyone. We also cover legendary products like Mathews and Ruger . If you are a whitetail addict, take your hunt to the next level by tuning into Big Buck Registry’s Deer Hunt.


Neil Pendleton

Neil has 24 years of hunting experience and has hunted in four different states, including New Hampshire, where he currently lives, Ohio, Massachusetts, and his home state of Maine. He believes persistence and passion are the key factors that contribute to his success. Neil started hunting in Maine at age 11, and his father and grandfather taught him many valuable lessons that he has used along the way. Neil took up archery and muzzleloading in 2010 in hopes of furthering his opportunities. He currently has five entries between New Hampshire and Maine in the Trophy/Big Buck Clubs of those states. Of the five entries, three were with a bow, one with a rifle, and the most recent, in 2017, was with a muzzleloader. In 2015, Neil arrowed the buck of a lifetime, which he hunted for 1,490 days, spanning 5 seasons. The buck was aged at 10 1/2 years old and dressed 237 lbs, earning Neil the #2 All-Time Record New Hampshire Non-Typical Archery honor with a gross score of 192 inches and a net score of 173 inches. Due to Neil’s impressive resume in the whitetail woods, he has been featured in REALTREE Rack Reports, and on Big Buck Registry’s Deer Hunting podcast (Episode 175),  and Truth From The Stand podcast (Episode 44). In 2016, Neil decided to broaden his horizons and chase whitetails in an area outside of New England, which led him to Ohio, where he has gone on DIY public land hunts the last two years. He has had success finding and hunting bucks by using mock scrapes, analyzing data from game-cameras, and using maps. Neil can most often be found perched in a tree stand, but he also enjoys still-hunting, and tracking when there’s snow, which allows him to explore and scout new areas. After deer hunting season ends, Neil still spends a lot of time in the woods, but he can often be found fishing from a boat during the spring and summer months and wetting his line through the ice in the winter.

Todd Mead


Todd Mead was introduced into hunting in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. After continued success in the big mountains, he decided to venture to public lands across the country to see if he could locate and take big bucks in different areas across many states. He has continued the tradition of anchoring big bucks to the ground no matter where he has traveled. He hunts primarily with archery equipment outside of his home state, and uses a rifle while in the mountains at home. Todd has been featured on the cover of Adirondack Outdoors Magazine as well as being the central topic in many articles in the publication. Todd has also been featured in Outdoor Life magazine in an article titled “Crazy for the Rut.” Not only has he been chosen as the subject for many magazine and newspaper articles, he has also been a featured guest on the Wired to Hunt, Big Buck Registry, and TradCast podcasts, on which he talked about his hunting background, style, tactics and success. Todd is an outdoor writer who is a member of the New York Outdoor Writers Association and his work has appeared in a number of publications, including North American Whitetail, New York Outdoor News, Outdoors Magazine, Outdoors North, and The Outdoor Gazette among others. He is the author of two books about whitetail deer hunting, “Backcountry Bucks” and “A Lifetime of Big Woods Hunting Memories: Hunting in the Adirondacks with a Father & Son,” and he will be releasing a book in 2018 that will highlight the tactics he has used to take down impressive whitetails across the country while hunting on public land. Todd is a New York State Director for the International Bowhunting Organization. When he’s not hunting he’s heavily involved in competitive archery and is a two-time IBO World Champion. Todd is the owner and operator of and You can follow him on his main website or on his Backcountry Bucks Facebook page.

Bobby Sholan

Bobby Sholan was born and raised in the woods of northern vermont. He has been successfully hunting whitetail deer for 23 years and bow hunting northern whitetail for 20. He has hunting experience in VT , NH , ME , MA , PA , Ohio and Ontario. Taking deer in all those states and spending time learning the different woods. He uses trail cameras to target the biggest deer an area has to offer and has successfully taken deer by using them as well as other tools including maps and year round scouting. He is able to adapt to the seasons and changing weather and although has killed more deer with archery , is able to track them down in snow and setup in pitch point to ambush an unsuspecting buck. He has more recently taken his scouting skills to the Midwest and is able to get within range of trophy deer frequently.


Rodney Elmer

Rodney Elmer is a professional taxidermist of 32 years and owner of Mountain Deer Taxidermy. In addition to being life long deer hunter. He is a chief hunter’s safety instructor and range officer in his home state of Vermont. As an outdoor educator of many years his straight forward, make it work hunting style has earned him many big New England bucks. His rising u-tube channel focuses on common sense, family hunting experiences love of the natural world and outdoor education mixed with humor.


Jim Gallagher

Jim Gallagher lives in Methuen, MA. He shot his first deer
with a bow in Vermont when he was 14. Jim’s father would
drive him there every weekend, and wait in the car while he
hunted, because he had MS and couldn’t walk. For the
passion and love of the sport Jim taught himself how to hunt
efficiently and successfully, and to date has harvested 191
deer with a bow. Jim has spent a lifetime testing, developing
and creating an educational bow hunting DVD of his favorite
secrets and techniques to help bring others many years of
success in hunting whitetails.


Dean Venier


Born and Raised in Vermont’s North-East Kingdom Dean began chasing Whitetails at the age of 11 and started bow hunting at 13.

Now with over 40 years of experience hunting the New England woods and 25 years in the Deer Hunting Industry, Dean shares his wealth of knowledge and sure-fire hunting techniques in his seminars.

In his seminar, Dean will explain how to use the whitetail’s superior defense mechanisms to your advantage. His unique perspective is that by understanding the whitetail’s defense mechanisms and how deer responded to the 3 phases of the rut, you anticipate where deer will be and bring deer to you. Dean, will go into detail on Deer Calls and how to use them, Scouting and applying that information. Scrapes and how to hunt them, and how to hunt the three phases of the rut. Put that all together and that means Hardware on the walls and Venison in the Freezer.

The Power Point presentation and Video footage of real bucks in real and mocks scrapes will make your blood boil.

Dean insists that hunting in the future depends greatly on youth of today and it is our responsibility to pass on this great tradition. He consistently takes time to talk to the kids giving out hats and pictures looking for that sparkle in their eyes and that sense of excitement and anticipation.

Dean & his wife Rachelle will be at their booth selling their Deer Lures: North Woods Common Scents and answering any questions you may have regarding Calling Whitetails and Deer Lures.

So set some time aside and visit us at the ROCKINGHAM EXPO  and check out Calling Whitetails and Advanced Scent Hunting Techniques.”  It is both entertaining and informative and will be enjoyed by both the experienced and novice hunter. To learn more about Dean and his business, North Woods Hunting Products, please visit his web-site at

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